Ralf Martini

Photographer – Artist – Storyteller

Master of Business Management (CCI) from Stuttgart, Germany

My passion for photography started about ten years ago. I was in South Africa and utterly disappointed with the quality of my digital point-and-shoot camera in low-light situations. So I purchased a professional DSLR camera and was keen to figure out how to make great images. First it was all digital. And I didn’t stick to a particular genre or style. I was just experimenting and having fun, mostly while travelling.

In the last couple of years, my life was like a roller-coaster ride with a lot of happy and also some sad moments. These experiences helped me to evolve and made me think about life differently. My mindset about photography and my approach has changed, too.

I believe that everyone should pursue what they are most passionate about in life – for the highest good of all. I love exploring historic places and stunning landscapes with the camera. Further, it’s the process of making timeless photos and also inspire other people to be great at what they love is what I am most passionate about.

Choosing to work with film cameras for my projects (since 2017) fits perfectly to my vision. I really embrace the limitations and simplicity of the gear. That’s an opportunity for me to be even more creative. And of course I  am a fan of the unique look that film produces. It’s far from being perfect: It is charismatic and distinctive. So is life.

If you want to connect with me, please visit me on Instagram and Flickr. You can also fill out the contact sheet (click) or write me an email.

Btw: I founded the film photography community in Stuttgart (Germany) called “StuttgartAnalog”. If you are from this area, feel free to visit us on www.stuttgartanalog.de


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